One Year Later…

One Year Later…

I guess I have a pretty good reason for not blogging the last year…this little bundle of joy came into our lives. Here are her monthly pics this last year and I hope to follow this up with a recap post of her awesomeness each month.

I have to give credit where credit is due, my inspiration for these monthly photos came from here which I found on pinterest. I snapped the photo then used an instagram filter.

I love how you can tell so much from each photo and the progression… we couldn’t keep her awake in the first one and couldn’t keep her still without a toy in the last one.

1 Month (November) 2 Months (December) 3 Months (January) 4 Months (February) 5 Months (March) 6 months (April) 7 Months (May) 8 Months (June) 9 Months (July) 10 Months (August) 11 Months (September) 12 Months (October)


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